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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX RS Automotive

Mitsubishi introduced the Lancer Evolution IX in Japan, on March 23, 2005. The Lancer Evolution IX models include the Grand Sport Rally (GSR), Rally Sport (RS), Special Edition (SE) and Mitsubishi Racing (MR), which varied according to their performance capabilities.

The RS is the lightest of the group, and excludes the SE and MR models (stereo system, power windows and locks, rear wiper, rear wing, trunk lining and sound insulation)


Every car has a story to tell, here's what Stefan Jeffrey's Lancer Evolution IX has to share along with some photos I took of the Candy Orange Sports Car.


Jeffrey, during an exclusive interview, disclosed when he first got his hands on the Evo, it was bone stock; a fully stocked block and turbo, including the fuel system, and a standalone AEM Series 2 Computer used to tune the car.

He said he was quite surprised at the power it packed with just a stock turbo and computer, making 355hp to the wheel, and 320 foot pound of torque.

Now, everyone knows, with owning a car like this or any performance car, you’re always going to be looking for more Power.

As time went by, Jeffrey decided to upgrade the Evo’s turbo, changing the fuel system’s stock injectors, and replacing them with Injector Dynamics 1050cc injectors and a Walbro 450lph fuel pump.

The car had GSC Power Division Beehive Springs (capable of 10,500 RPM with as much as 12.1mm lift cams) but just after tuning, a valve dropped in the engine, damaging the cylinder and destroying the engine’s head, but not beyond repair.

The engine took a trip to Canada and returned with Super Tech Beehive Springs, Super Tech Seals, GSC Power Division Brass Guides, Super Tech Inconel Exhaust Valves and Super Tech Black Nitride Intake Valves.

The engine’s block is now fully studded, housing ARP head studs, Manley Tuff Rods, Wiseco Pistons, and ACL Bearings.

Jeffrey indicated he is interested in switching to 1700cc injectors, however, considering the car’s dyno is down, he is unsure how much power the car will make.

He learned of an electric problem with his car, leading him to believe his injectors are being fed a different voltage, as a result, the Evo cannot pull past 400rpm without the engine breaking apart.

Here’s a look at the sleek interior.

The five seater is fitted with black leather alcantara suede seats, with NRG Innovations steering wheel and joystick wrapped in a carbon-fiber finish.

Jeffrey does not have much future plans for his car, other than possibly upgrading the Evo’s turbo a few more years along the line.

He disclosed, the car’s engine is overbuilt for the turbo it houses because he is currently running an FD Red Turbo.

Realistically speaking, this beauty needs no further modification, one glance at the body kit, and its performance definitely sell it well.

See More photos below from Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Automotive's shoot

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